Our head office is located in Brussels. We have branches in Antwerp and Ghent to be able to assist our clients even better and faster locally. You are always welcome at one of our three branches. Below you will find all useful details. 

Faxes for all offices may be sent to +32 (0)2 42 300 40

DVP Brussel

De Broeck Van Laere & Partners

Louizalaan 209A bus 1

B-1050 Brussel

50.82653046949, 4.36419865

DVP Gent

De Broeck Van Laere & Partners

Recollettenlei 9

B-9000 Gent

51.0501368, 3.7195303

DVP Antwerpen

De Broeck Van Laere & Partners

Entrepotkaai 4 bus 2.1

B-2000 Antwerpen

51.2291938, 4.4118647

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