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THE Legislation on the permanent TAX regularisation procedure has not been adopted yet
After the latest budget negotiations, an agreement was reached to change the permanent tax regularisation procedure (which dates back to the Act of 27 December 2005).

The government is considering to put an end to the possibility to regularise undeclared income and assets on 31 December 2013.  The current system would become more expensive. Taxpayers who can not explain the origin of their assets would have a chance to regularize these assets.  A solution is anticipated in February 2013.

Until then foreign income can still be regularised under the current rules - but the legislator may change the rules retroactively. This means that earnings and VAT transactions can be regularised at the normal rates. The tax for other types of income (such as the tax on income from investments or inheritance tax) is levied at the default rates plus a "fine" of 10 percent points. In the new procedure, the 10 percent points fine would increase.

When a solution is found we will report again in these pages.

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