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Belgium proposes to exempt small businesses under €25,000
On 14 November 2012, the European Commission announced that it had received a request from Belgium for an authorisation to exempt taxable persons whose annual turnover is no higher than € 25,000.

In accordance with Article 395(2)  of the VAT Directive (Directive 2006/112/EC of 28 November 2006 on the common system of value added tax), the Council may authorise a Member State to apply special measures for derogation from the provisions of the VAT Directive in order to simplify the procedure for collecting VAT or to prevent certain forms of tax evasion or avoidance. 

One possibility is for Member States to apply special schemes for small enterprises, e.g. by exempting taxable persons below a certain annual turnover. The Commission has accepted the validity of the request ; a higher threshold for the special scheme for small enterprises is a simplification measure that may significantly reduce the VAT obligations of the smallest businesses. The Commission is submitting the proposal to the Council where the request will have to be adopted unanimously.

The effect will be that if a taxable person has a turnover under € 25,000, he does not have to charge VAT on his invoices for the supply of goods or services, but he can also not deduct the VAT on his inputs. The special scheme is optional for taxable persons.

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